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I come from a family of five kids, where I'm the eldest. It includes my dad (whom I call bapak), my mom (mama), me, four sisters and a brother.


Name :Raja Izuddin Chulan b. Raja Zainal Azman Shah
D.O.B : 14 February 1951 (Valentine's day!)
Zodiac : Aquarius
Occupation : A Shell petrol station dealer


Name : Raja Arbi bt Raja Amir
D.O.B : 4 December 1951
Zodiac : Sagittarius
Occupation : Housewife

Bapak and mama in Europe


Name : Raja Zana Nadiah
Nickname : Nadia
D.O.B : 26 July 1976
Zodiac : Leo
Now : Previously studied at UiTM Manjung. Now, married with a cute little girl, Puteri Sahira Bahari and a handsome baby boy Putera Shahiran Bahari.
Name : Raja Dara Zaliah
Nickname : Fek
D.O.B : 8 April 1978
Zodiac : Aries
Now : Kindergarten teacher. Married with a baby girl, Siti Maryam
Name: Raja Dana Afzan
Nickname : Bi
D.O.B : 9 July 1980
Zodiac : Cancer (I'm a Cancerian too!)
Now : Studying at Universiti Malaya
Name : Raja Shamir
Nickname : Mir
D.O.B : 29 September 1983
Zodiac : Libra
Now : Studied at SM St. Michael, Ipoh. Now doing matriculation in KL

From left to right: Mir,Bi, me, Nadia and Fek
This picture's quite blur, though. Anyway, I hope it's OK with you guys. Better than no picture at all, right?

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